Parenthood and Friendship

By Melissa (Mish) Zimdars (originally published at Little Village) After seven years of watching “Gilmore Girls,” the series finale was bittersweet. I went through high school and college during the same time as the main character, Rory. I identified with her nerdy awkwardness and feel- ing like she didn’t quite fit in. It was like […]

Have we made a huge mistake?

By Melissa (Mish) Zimdars (originally published in Little Village)  Maybe it’s my pre-pubescent sense of humor, but the funniest aspect of the fourth season of Arrested Development is Tobias’ new license plate which reads “ANUSTART.” In his bizarro world, that’s supposed to be plate-speak for “A New Start.” The schtick pops up again in a later […]

Feminist Police Procedural: ‘The Fall’ successfully avoids crime show cliches

By Melissa (Mish) Zimdars (Originally published by Little Village) American television is known for being especially violent against women, or for depictions of sexual violence. Crime shows like CSI, Criminal Minds, Stalker and True Detective generally portray women as victims of murder, sexual assault, abduction, stalking and other horrendous crimes. Of course women are more likely […]