The Wahlberg Effect

Imagine seeing yourself on different forms of new media. Growing up aspiring to be like all of your favorite TV or movie actors, who could bring a crowd to their feet and also make them fall to their knees crying. One family definitely did not expect that to happen, and to this day, their small Boston town mentalities hasn’t changed. The Wahlbergs are that family, whose three sons now each have a corner in our new media generation. From Paul cooking and being a face to the family business, to Donnie being the heart and sole in so many classic television series, and not to forget Marky Mark everyone’s favorite movie star, singer, and model. From classic television series such as Blue Bloods (Donnie Wahlberg), to movies that left viewers pissing their pants laughing like Ted (Mark Wahlberg), and lastly being that brother who may not have seem to fit the family business, but can for sure take what his best talents are and keep people satisfied (Paul Wahlberg). Leaving their “Dorchester mentalities” on everything they did .The Boston-ness feeling that these three expressed on the screen, stage, and behind the grill, have left all of us as media consumers craving more Wahlberg.


Who would have ever guessed couple kids from Dorchester Massachusetts who were only good at causing trouble as kids, would turn out to be a generations most loved actors and new media members. Donnie Wahlberg a member of the iconic boy band called “New Kids On The Block” began his long standing career as a music icon. As the years went on , himagee stepped away from the music scene finding his true Boston roots through his acting. From his most remembered and watched series Blue Bloods, Donnie plays the role of “Danny Reagan”. Bringing the bad boy face from his music days. Transforming it into a bad boy cop/investigator on the show. This drama that takes place in New York City, created Donnie’s face in the media entertainment world. Accompanied with his roles in many other series and movies, such as Band of Brothers, and the Sixth Sense. His career was etched into the media world to be never forgotten by generations of television, film viewers, and music lovers. That “Bad Boy” effect that people will always remember pairs greatly to the name Donnie Wahlberg.


Stemming away from the bad boy feel Donnies brother Mark Wahlberg, Can be remembered mostly by his nickname “Marky Mark”. Taking a different step than his brother did and not looking to be a “pop star”, Marky Mark decided to pursue a career in rap and hip hop. Everyone can contest to getting down to the classic song “Good Vibration” by the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Giving Donnie a run for his money on the “Bad Boy” effect, Mark may have taken shots at his brother with this lineStrictly hip hop boy I ain’t singing this”. After chasing a dream, Mark continued in the same direction of his brother Donnie and pursued acting and      Ted-trailers                                                  modeling. Becoming an icon of millions of female viewers, due to his modeling deals with Calvin Klein. Mark began to gain interest and this lead to his acting career. One that would be remembered to give somewhat of a different appeal than how his brother Donnie reached an audience. What set him aside from other actors in the media world, was his attention drawing factor and the way he could switch from comedic sensation to totally serious actor at the switch of a line. Taking part in movies that drive nationalism down your spine such as Lone Survivor, and Patriots Day, these were the sides of serious acting, that Mark would take place in. Flipping a switch and changing to the comedic actor we all love, his viewers get years of happiness from his movie such as Ted, Daddy’s Home, and The Other Guy’s. There are endless movies that Mark Wahlberg has taken place in that have touched millions of viewers world wide, and made not only him but the family name Wahlberg one to always think about when you’re sitting watching television with your own family.

Lastly one of the newer faces to the television scene, that also stem from the Wahlberg family is one of the older brothers Paul. Not affiliated with any other startups to his career unlike his brothers, Paul loves to cook. As many may have seen or attended the restaurant named after their family “Wahlburgers”, paul gets his fame and stardom from behind the grill. When their reality television series began in January of 2014, Paul became the character on screen that people loved because of his love for his family and the care he puts into the food he creates. Not only did this show give insight to yet another Wahlberg brother in the world of television, but it brought a show that people actually liked following. A true New England family, getting to watch their daily lives occur and get to see their fun loving Boston mentalities be expressed in front of us.


Leaving their “Dorchester mentalities” on everything they did, the Boston-ness feeling that these three expressed on the screen, stage, and behind the grill, have left all of us as media consumers craving more Wahlberg. Through their roles in television, hollywood and media, this family of humble stars has connected to millions of people around the world. They have truly gained a foothold in the technological side of media today. They are extremely present at their hometown teams sporting events, as they attend many games played by the Celtics, Patriots, Bruins and the Red Sox. They are highly active on all the popular social media sites, giving their fans the chance to keep close tabs on them and their careers. Seeing them around town and connecting to them personally near and far, the Wahlberg Family takes stardom to an entirely new level. This is the Wahlburger effect.


By: Nicholas Fasoli

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