Social Media and Spoilers

Michael Gille

With Avengers: Endgame being out for only two weeks and Game of Thrones being the most highly talked about show on television right now the discussion of spoilers has also been a major conversation recently. As much as I would love to stick to Game of Thrones and other shows that can be streamed, I need to address Avengers: Endgame into the mix just a little bit to carry on the spoiler paranoia going on the past month.

Not spoiling a show has always been a courtesy and most people wouldn’t spoil a show when interactions were face to face. Now in the age of the internet those interactions are non-existent. For awhile the internet was easy to avoid spoilers by not looking at any discussions that would have the title of the show in it. Now in the age of memes though, almost every important scene can be turned into a meme and waiting so long for a movie like Avengers: Endgame or season 8 of Game of Thrones, these memes can ruin a huge buildup that a person has been waiting for. Waiting for a battle where you know some of your favorite character may die adds to the suspense of the show. In a season finale of The Walking Dead, the show built up a whole scene where a main character was supposed to be killed off. The show didn’t give you an answer for quite awhile So fans (such as myself) had to wait a while dissecting this one damn scene to try and get some sort of answer. This work gave plenty of theories but none of them would be a definite answer to who died. That was before the tremendous rise of memes where most of them were still images or dancing bananas, not touching into the film that studios produced.

But that was then and this is now, where I personally follow at least 20 different meme accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I’m subscribed to people who talk about my favorite TV shows or movie series. I was so worried about Endgame being spoiled for me that I dragged my roommate along to the 11:30 show on Thursday night with all the other die hard Avenger fans. I sat in the third row of the theater looking directly up at a screen for 3 hours. Three hours. I was more than happy when I walked out knowing the ending but suddenly realized I wouldn’t be able to talk about it since nobody else I know saw it yet and Marvel worked hard on not letting spoilers get out. This has people who may not even be fans going to see the film since they just want to know what all the hype is about.

For Game of Thrones I saw a similarity. The amount of people that sacrificed so much time right before the season 8 premiere is pretty amazing. If you haven’t seen Game of Thrones you were going to watch it before it came out because everybody has a friend that watches the show and talk about how excited they are to see it.

Now that both have been out for a little while, with Game of Thrones currently half way through, memes have risen. Meme pages give disclosures before the actual memes being they want to make sure they aren’t ruining the film for anybody. People ask others if they seen the episode before trying to talk about it. People in the UK stay up until 2am to see the show because that’s when it is premiered. I bought HBO so I would be able to see the episodes immediately, rather than wait a hour. People hide from social media now because they are worried about spoilers.

Social media and spoilers are going to always be enemies in today’s society. Memes are produced too quickly and meme pages need to ride the emotion of an episode to have a higher emotional influence to their viewers. Seeing a meme from last week’s episode will bring in many more viewers than a meme that relates to an episode of The Wire from 2002. Spoilers have became a type of fear rather than something that could be easily avoided back in 2000’s.

2 thoughts on “Social Media and Spoilers

  1. John Sava
    I found this article very relatable. For me it takes a long time to do homework, study and other school activities, so I do not like going to the theaters on Thursday to watch a movie. It also does not help that most of the people I am around and social media sites I am on always talk about the biggest movie or television show. I think this is definitely something that is a problem that only this generation has dealt with. When The Wire came out the internet was not popular enough for people to just go on and say things about. Now there are multiple sites and places to go to that can spoil the ending of something. I also think that it motivates people to want to see the movie or television show earlier because that way it cannot be spoiled. This could be one of the reasons why Avengers Endgame made so much money on its first weekend. One more thing I thought that it is interesting that people in the UK woke up at 2 am to watch Game of Thrones.


  2. Such a relatable article! Although I am not a huge Avengers fan, I knew all about the movie and spoilers the same night the movie was released just because of Twitter. It seems that everything on social media are memes about Avengers or GoT and it can be very annoying/frustrating. If you don’t end up watching Game of Thrones or seeing a movie when it first comes out, you are bound to find out spoilers online which is unfair. At the same time, it is a great place to go online and see comical memes and connect with other people over the great movie or great scene you witnessed. When it comes to social media it also really raises awareness of shows and helps gain traction and followers. I only started watching Game of Thrones because of all the memes I saw online and my friends retweeting them but without social media, I would have probably never watched GoT. On social media as well, you see meme from old shows like The Office and Parks and Rec, which helps remind people about how comical and great those shows were. This helps to revive shows that may have lost popularity.

    Jared Ridgway


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