Why The Super Bowl is the Highest Viewed Show on Television.

John Sava

Live television usually creates a lot of views for different television networks.  People want to tune in to see what is going on or to watch a show. The one show that created the most views was a sporting event: The Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl is something that happens once a year and has die hard fans who want to see the winners of the game. This is different from other things on television because it is unscripted unlike other television shows.  Some people would even go as far as to call The Super Bowl a national holiday in America because of how big it is. This blog will tell more examples of why The Super Bowl gets more live viewers than other television shows.

There are many different reasons why The Super Bowl is the highest viewed live show on television.  People want to see who will win The Super Bowl after almost 5 months of Football teams playing for it.  Football has some highlight reel plays that people want to witness live. Some of these plays carry a lot of value because they could be the difference between winning and losing.  One more thing is that some really great athletes are making these plays. Fans find this exciting. Football is the most popular sport in America, each football team has a large group of die-hard fans and even fans who do not have a team in the game want to see how the game turns out.  Lastly, sports connect to places people live, so you get more people from different regions interested in the game. People from these regions learn to love and despise certain athletes and teams. This only makes people want to watch the game more because they either want to see them win or lose. All these are reasons why so many people want to watch the The Super Bowl.

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In the sports world you can also have more raw emotions than in television series.  For actors it is difficult to recreate how someone feels in a situation because the actor never went through what an athlete had to go through to get to where they are.  In Super Bowl 49, when Malcolm Butler made the interception that won the game, him and other players were showing real emotions: Malcolm Butler with the other Patriots players jumping and cheering and The Seahawks players in shock.  In the past there have been football movies and tv shows that have showed these emotions. While this is true, to be able to watch athletes live and seeing how raw they are makes The Super Bowl even better.

Image result for malcolm butler interception reaction

In the current state of television there is less reasons to want to watch live television. With the internet providing streaming platforms, people can use it to watch shows whenever they want.  HBO has a streaming service that has a very popular television show on it called Game of Thrones.  Most people will probably watch it the day it comes out, but not on live television.  There are other shows on other platforms, like Netflix, that people like to binge watch shows.  Streaming makes it more convenient to watch television because you can watch whatever you want whenever you want.  If you want to watch a certain episode of Breaking Bad on Netflix you can do that.  On live television you cannot and have to either wait or watch a different episode or show.  This pulls people away from live television and instead to the internet to watch shows.   

The way people watch television is changing.  It takes a very strong push to get people to want to watch a show on live television.  Sporting events can be this push, especially The Super Bowl, because there is a large amount of hype, large fan bases and plays that people do not want to miss.  This is different from normal television because it features real people working together to reach a goal. It is once a year so people plan far in advance to watch it.  The want for more convenience and bigger spectacles are what is leading more people to watch television shows on the internet and sporting events on live tv.

5 thoughts on “Why The Super Bowl is the Highest Viewed Show on Television.

  1. What the author sates about the Super Bowl being the most viewed television program, is something I personally would have to agree highly with. This broadcast creates emotions not only from what we as viewers see on the screen between the different teams, but the emotions we all feeling j just by sitting on the couch. Also the connection from audience to player interaction is something that all ages could contest to loving and being a big part of their lives. When the Seattle Seahawks were seemingly looking to win Super Bowl 49 against the New England Patriots, hearts of millions of Patriots fans dropped at once. But the emotions went from angry, sand and depressed to celebratory, happiness and the disbelief of what occurred infant of our very own eyes. Raw emotion is something that clearly makes this event that simple idea that draws the millions of viewers in time and time again. Following a team for half a year and giving your life to them once a week every week truly creates a bond, even if you may not know each player or coach personally. Emotional rollercoaster is exactly what this one television program creates for its viewer, a pure emotion and unknowing unlike common television that is a scripted narrative. Also the Author spoke about connections, no other connection on television is stronger than a player to viewer connection. People get to grow up with some of the best professional athletes in their life times and aspire to be just like them and these heart aches, unbelievable catches, and team moments allow viewers to connect to their home town heroes.

    Nick Fasoli


  2. I think that this is a great examination as to why the Super Bowl is one of the most watched shows on television. I agree with all of the points you made, and can completely relate as a super fan to the appeals of watching the show in regards to engaging with emotions. Every time a play is made or a touch down is scored, many emotions fill in my body and it only engages me more to watch the game. In regards to the Super Bowl itself, I feel as though if your team of choice is in the game, you are more engaged and emotional about what it going on. Also is you have a team you hate, you are constantly engaged to cheer for their defeat! On the other hand though, I think for others who may not necessarily have a preference, and in general, the second main attraction of the Super Bowl is the commercials that come along with it. I believe that that form of entertainment when the game is not actually being played or streamed live is what keeps viewers engaged for the entire duration of the program.

    Nicole Fasciano


  3. I definitely agree with this. Wild fandom leads to the super bowl being a highly anticipated event by many, regardless of what team you root for. Honestly, some fans watch to see if a team they hate will lose in the super bowl. I bet a lot of Patriots haters did that this year. The discussion on streaming platforms is an interesting one. I had never really related streaming platforms and such a prominent sporting event as the super bowl to one another. It’s a shame that streaming platforms can take away from such an awesome event, but that’s just the age we live in, and technology is going to continue to develop. Raw emotions from fans and players are part of what make the super bowl special. So does the aspect of it being live. If someone is watching a show on demand, sometimes the reaction isn’t as organic. Great piece overall, John.

    Mike Cratty


  4. Insightful article about a topic not to many people might not think about. I agree that the Super Bowl is wildly popular in the United States and is even becoming more popular in other countries across the world. The Super Bowl is really popular for many different reasons. Even if you do not have a team in the Super Bowl, you still watch to see a good football game and it is usually a big social event. If you are not a fan of football, viewers tend to tune in because of the “funny” commercials that everyone talks about along with the over the top(in my opinion) half time show. I also think to increase their viewers over the years, the National Football League has planned more halftime performances at Super Bowls that cater to the female audience to try and balance out the gender gap. The Super Bowl aims to entertain all viewers than regular season games which helps attract more people. I think the Super Bowl being live television is something is that is rare. Not too many performances or shows are directly live anymore and this is something that could be appealing to many viewers.

    Jared Ridgway


  5. Chantalle Dumont-

    I agree the Super Bowl is highly watched due to the fact that so many fans have such an emotional connection to their sports teams. Their successes and failures truly alter the fans hype and aggravation through that time. The Super Bowl is essential the “season finale” of the entire NFL season, which I believe is the reason it is so highly watched. I like your point of how Game of Thrones is highly watched but not in that exact moment live. Many people will watch it the day after or the the following week. The Super Bowl is something someone watches in the moment live. Many will have parties and events to celebrate their team or another.


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