How Internet Streamers are getting into TV Production

By Brendan Carr. Companies like Netflix and Amazon have realized the opportunities that they have streaming services in that they can invest large amounts of money into creating their own original Television series. In the world right now streaming services like Netflix and Amazon are actually much more affordable than paying for Cable or Satellite. Besides being much more affordable you can also control what you watch and you only pay for what you want to watch instead of paying for channels that you don’t use. This is starting to draw from a greater number of people because they have total control over their viewing experiences. They also have added interest because Netflix and Amazon are starting to invest in their own original series.

At the end of February Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon announced that they were expecting to invest 5 billion dollars on Video Content this year in order to further develop and strengthen their streaming service and viewing experience.The emphasis of the spending will be investing in big-budget production shows and sports rights. Compared to Cable networks like ABC and CBS, who are spending roughly 4 billion dollars annually on their productions, Amazon is positioning themselves to be a major competitor in the market and is looking to control a major part of the online streaming sector for Television series.

However as much as Amazon is planning to spend this year on their streaming services, they are still chasing one major competitor when it comes to spending. Netflix this year is looking to spend roughly 8 billion dollars on their streaming service. Similar to Amazon they the major focus for them will also be big-budget original series along with adding to the content that they offer. That is about double what the major cable networks are spending annually. They are truly trying to position themselves to control the market and are one of the largest spenders on content in the world because of it.

One thought on “How Internet Streamers are getting into TV Production

  1. I find this article interesting and do agree that Netflix and Amazon are stepping into the television streaming market. As we can tell it has been very succesful since Netflix is monopolizes on the streaming market. Also hbo is utilizing their streaming service to offer tv shows that many watch that are exclusively on their plateform such as Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. I found your point in the article of how much ABC spends vs Netflix and didnt realize that Netflix spends double the amount. This tells me that in the future more people will start getting memberships to Netflix and will stop watching cable. Personally I only watch cable for the news and watch the rest of the tv shows I watch on Netflix or HBO. Netflix will certainly neat Amazon video because Netflix has a bbetter and wider selection of tv shows and movies. Netflix will also put the movie theatre industry out of buisness most likely in the next 20 years.


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