Eggers Can’t be Cheesers

(Kiara Vought) Creator of Bob’s Burgers, Loren Bouchard, gives us a fresh look at adult cartoon comedy. Unlike many standard adult comedy shows like Family Guy or South Park, Bob’s Burgers makes us laugh without the vulgar dialogue. Much of the television targeting adults uses dialogue and content that shouldn’t be shown to their children. Bob’s Burgers entertains audiences ranging from young children, to middle aged adults. Bob’s Burgers tailors to a wide range of audiences by sticking to a new relatable sense of humor, and creating friendlier content with a kick. With the relatable characters, and family centered content, Bob’s Burgers offers a refreshing look at adult comedy.
Many television shows try to appeal to the adult audience with inappropriate, sexist, and sometimes plain rude punchlines. Family Guy, American Dad, and South Park make their jokes at the expense of other people. The dialogue is a constant string of random punchlines that seem to come out of nowhere. The creators of this type of show pile on the random jokes to a point where you sometimes lose the story line. Bob’s Burgers manages to have a consistent flow of a story line throughout the episode, using the jokes to enhance the plot. The jokes do not generally belittle others in order to get a laugh. Instead they use wholesome genuine humor that is relatable in everyday life. The jokes are also not usually said to get a reaction out of the audience, they are used to get a good genuine laugh.
Bob’s Burgers pulled me in because of how similar the Belcher family dynamic is compared to my own. My family and the people I surround myself with have a constant back and forth of funny comments. Tina exemplifies the awkward teenage angst stage of every girls life, with a little extra confidence. Her quotes can be found circulating all through social media, with many memes and gifs. Gene lives in the moment and enjoys every second of his childhood, never yearning for adult years. Louise, the youngest sister, adds in hilarious tiny commentary that can sometimes be missed. Of course, most of her dialogue is funny, but it’s what is said in the background that really sets her away from the rest. Lastly, the parents Bob and Linda represent how strong the family bond is. The genuine wholesome family dynamic, mixed with the quick witted humor is what sets this adult cartoon apart from the rest.
Family Guy and South Park appeal to the public by making jokes about things people in their daily life can not say without being rude. It is a getaway from real day to day life, sending audiences into a fantasy world. When audiences watch Bob’s Burgers, they can relate to the family dynamics and wholesome humor. It pulls audiences in without having to put groups of people down in the process. The general structure of adult comedy is broken with this series, and shows that you do not need to marginalize groups of people in order to be popular. Enjoying an episode of Bob’s Burgers won’t make you feel guilty, it simply makes you laugh wholeheartedly. BOBSBURGERS

One thought on “Eggers Can’t be Cheesers

  1. (Brendan Carr) I really enjoyed this. I would agree that Bob’s Burgers is a refreshing take to a modern animated comedy show. Compared to the likes of Family Guy and American Dad, there are no “inappropriate” jokes, or political jokes etc. Its wholeheartedly just a refreshing take on how a show like this can be produced. Bob’s Burgers is definitely a show to go to when you are having a rough day or just need to laugh a little.


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