As we all know, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette series has been helping young people fall in love in a completely unconventional way since it  in 2002. The series, switching off from male contestants to female contestants fighting for a potential proposal in the end has America hooked on the idea that contestants can fall in love in the short period of a three month span. Let’s be real. Do all the contestants who sign up for this series actually believe they are going to find their future husband/wife. Absolutely not! More so, it’s good for helping people get famous. Before the show most contestants have a semi-normal occupation and semi-normal lives. Some contestants add their everyday occupation to their tagline such as doctor, lawyer, dentist etc. But, others include a fake and humorous occupation such as this season’s Bachelor, Colton being a “virgin” and one of the early contestants occupations being a full-time “sloth.” Although some people on the show have successful jobs, others take full advantage of the popularity and fame what comes from the show to make money. What better way is there for failing Instagram influencers to get their name out there than by being a contestant on a reality television show?

Looking back on previous seasons we can identify a handful of contestants who epically failed in the dating department, but launched their career as an influencer shortly after not receiving a rose at the dreaded rose ceremony. Let’s take Corinne Olympios for example. Corrine debuted on season 21 of The Bachelor, featuring bachelor Nick Viall. Corrine’s outrageous personality quickly shocked America as she admitted to having a Nanny in her 20’s while running a multimillion dollar business. It became apparent to viewers that Corinne was there for the sole purpose of gandering fame. When Nick sent her home, she continued running her multimillion dollar business, but also became involved in modeling, acting, working in music videos, and becoming an Instagram influencer. She now has over 700,000 followers.

We can also look at JoJo Fletcher as a contestant who was just in it for the fame. After being the runner up in a “heartbreaking” breakup with bachelor Ben Higgins, JoJo got her own shot at love in her own season. JoJo ended up engaged to former NFL player, Jordan Rodgers. Even years after her proposal, JoJo has not shied away from the fame. JoJo is now an influencer for FitFabFun boxes along with numerous other products on Instagram and has appeared on red carpets and various talk shows.

The ultimate question stemming from the context of whether it’s just a way for normal people to gain fame and quit their 9-5 jobs? Or do contestants actually believe they can fall head over heels in love with a complete stranger in the span of three months while basically being in an open relationship the entire time? Seems pretty questionable, right? The Bachelor makes the idea of love pretty believable by traveling to extravagant destinations, going on picturesque dates and cutting out any scenes of what a normal relationship entails.

Season 23 of The Bachelor featuring Colton Underwood is shaping up to be the most dramatic series Bachelor Nation has seen yet. With all the hype surrounding Colton’s virginity, many of the women on the show have questioned other contestants intentions. Demi stirred up major controversy in Singapore when she joked that she was going to take Colton’s virginity on their one on one date. Of course, the other women and Colton did not appreciate her blatant comment which sent her home without a rose. 23 year old Demi, was not favored by the other women in the bachelor mansion during her time on the show and was continually questioned for not being there for the right reasons.

Overall The Bachelor and Bachelor Nation series is a product of the power of reality television and shows viewers exactly what they want to see. But, beyond the good looking people, competitiveness, and romance, what really stems from this show is the fame. Americans are hooked on this show because many the cast starts out as normal people like you and me. The whole concept behind the glamour is the fact that some of these people went from rags to riches by appearing in only a few episodes. This concept makes viewers interested because it makes fame look easy and effortless.  



  1. Julia Matter- I absolutely agree that many contestants use the show as a rise to fame. Although I do not think the show started off with contestants intending to become famous by their appearance on the show, once it became clear that that is what happens, it started drawing the wrong people to apply. Since the show is in the business of making money, they are going accept the people that provide the most entertainment. While I do think that some contestants are there for love I don’t don’t that others are just there for fame. I think you made a great point with Corrine, she did not seem like she was ready for love, marriage or any of it, yet she chose to come on the show.


  2. Geena Levine
    I found this piece very interesting and gave me some ideas about the show that I had never previously thought of. Being a huge fan of the bachelor I always like to believe that the show is actually a reality show and these contestants are actually falling in love with this man. Although this may be the case for some of the couples, it seems very unlikely that everyone man or women that comes on the show is just going to happen to fall in love with the Bachelor or Bachelorette the show picks. Now looking at your points I definitely agree with the idea that many people only come on this show for fame or become an influencer. I notice this especially on the seasons of The Bachelor when there are 26 girls all fighting for the same guy. I believe like what you said the big attraction for people on the show is that they can easily get fame from the show even if they are just a typically everyday person before appearing on the show.


  3. Nicole Fasciano
    I can completely connect with every thing you write about in your work because I happen to be a die hard Bachelor fan. From the Bachelor, the Bachelorette and even Bachelor in Paradise, I have fallen in love with the show because it has seemingly given me hope for my own love life! Despite the fact that it is supposed to be a show for people to find love, I agree with you that in most cases, it is one of the strongest platforms for young women to have a chance at fame. Sadly, my attraction to the show and its dramatic twists will forever keep me an engaged viewer, but from here on out I feel like I will have a better understanding of who is on the trip for fame and who may actually be there for love.


    1. Michaela Pounds
      I found this piece to be great. I am a bachelor fan and tape every season because the show is my weakness. I agree that many contestants go on the show for the experience and the fame, as they know it is not likely they will end up engaged to the bachelor or bachelorette considering they are just one of many to be given a rose. I think the bachelor or bachelorette knows this too because there are so many people, and they are always wondering who is there for “the right reasons,” which is constantly mentioned on the show. Anyways, you did a great job on this piece and definitely pointed out something many people on the show don’t talk about.


  4. (Brendan Carr) As someone who is not a fan of the show and have no real interest in watching it. I would agree that it is a show more so used as a platform for people to grow their following and become famous or to grow their business. I would agree with the point that when the show was first started it was intended to be a reality show and to be as entertaining as some people find it now. I think it was a goal for them to see if people could legitimately fall in love in a three month period. Now because the show does have the ultimate goal of making money it has become show where finding people that are entertaining more so then finding people that could be the best match for one another.


  5. Chantalle Dumont-
    I used to be an avid watcher of the Bachelor/Bachelorette and I completely agree with your idea of this show is simply for receiving fame. All the extravagant dates and destinations are truly unrealistic as you explained and it’s a 3 month honeymoon phase. Recently, I had a friend fill me in on the latest episode and how a contestant actually left the show due to the fact that she “wasn’t in love with Bachelor”. This contestant had been on a previous reality TV show and was simply seeking fame again to get her face on the big screen. Many are not in it for love so I completely back up your post.


  6. A few months ago I read an article about how the most popular contestants from The Bachelor make over $10,000 per Instagram post, so I don’t blame people for trying to go on reality TV shows to achieve wealth and fame. I’m a pretty big fan of Big Brother and recent contestants have been criticized for the same reasons you wrote about. Fans think contestants should go on the show for the love of the game as opposed to achieving internet fame, but I don’t think it matters that much as long they are willing to play and are entertaining. I think you have to consider who has the time and desire to go on a reality show as well. Some of these reality shows take months to film. Most of the people who are able to take that much time off are not super successful or far along in their careers. Making some easy money and becoming a social media influencer after going the show is going to be appealing to them, regardless of if that was their intention when they first applied. It’s also interesting to think about how certain contestants are edited and how that impacts their success after the show. Some contestants are profiting (in some cases very heavily) from how producers decided to depict them on the show.
    – Melissa Viger


  7. Meaghan Hudson- I myself am an avid watcher of The Bachelor, I have been watching the show since I was in about late middle school, which yes is pretty young to be watching this kind of a show, but anyways, I really enjoyed reading your article from this point of view. I feel like when the show first started out it did not start out in this way because it was not super popular and you do not see as many of the old contestants as these “social media influencers” like you said, but nowadays it does seem so much more like the contestants on the show stride to make it so far so that they can gain a name for themselves and get fame through that, and even end up possibly on Bachelor in Paradise. Something that you brought up which I agree with and can be connected to your overall opinion on the show was how dramatic this season was which I definitely agree with you. I feel like it might have been so dramatic because contestants have realized that you won’t get famous on the show unless you make a name for yourself and get recognized on the show by causing more drama. Overall, I found your piece to be very interesting on the show and is something that I also have thought about and agree with.


  8. (Emma Hoey) The Bachelor and Bachelorette are much like TV “reality” series like Keeping up with the Kardashians. I agree that there can be an element of realism to it, like the people who join the show to actually fall in love, but there is also a lot of elements that can be pointed out as being “fake.” Considering this season of the Bachelor with Colton, I actually believe (or want to believe) that at least he is in the show to find true love and a wife. However, I also often question how and why they choose the women that go on the show. Some of them seem to only want the spotlight to self-promote. I think you hit the nail on the head by pointing out that this show is intentionally unconventional. The way the people meet, the places they go, the drama, and the games, are all planned. This makes forced relationships have an sense of rom-com-esque scripture. Although I do think that half the fun of watching these shows is the element of suspense and surprise, which probably could not be done without the proper planning for viewers. Whether that takes away from the realism or not is up to the audience.


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