13 Reasons Why Hannah Could Be Lying

By: Dana Pappalardo


I’m not even quite sure how to start with this show because it was without a doubt one of the best Netflix Originals I have ever watched. From the rawness to the truth, everything about it was absolutely perfect. The show was so well thought out and you can tell during some scenes like the suicide scene that it must have taken ages to get the perfect shot. This show is about suicide awareness and how you need to be careful in how you talk to people because you never know what they have going on in their life.


Hannah, the main character, changed a lot throughout the entire season. In the first episode you are introduced to her by her telling you that the show is about how she committed suicide and the 13 reasons why she did. The show is full of flashbacks that also help you understand what she is saying. Hannah recorded 13 tapes and sent them to the 13 people that she believes drove her to kill herself. At the beginning of the show she had just moved to this new town and didn’t have many friends. She seemed genuinely happy with her life and her family, she was just lacking friends. Throughout the show she gained and lost many friends but the one that stood by her side the whole time was Clay. Clay was a huge part of the show because he was the only one that did not treat Hannah the way everyone else towards the end of her life. Clay was so shocked to know that he was one of the reasons why she killed herself because in the end he loved her, yet he did not tell her. Hannah towards the end of the show started to lose all of her friends because they all believe that she lied about everything. One night at a party Hannah saw her close friend being raped, but then did not say anything to anyone about it. She then ended up getting raped by the same boy and after that felt as though there was nothing left for her.


In the last couple episodes you really start to see the character development for Hannah. This is because she goes from this really happy girl just trying to get by, to a girl who cannot look anyone in the face. Hannah’s character development really helped the show because you start to understand why she acts the way she does more and more in each episode.The first time you really see her start to develop is in one episode when she had a few inappropriate pictures sent out to the rest of the school. She ultimately rises above this situation which makes her a stronger person. Throughout the show many things like this happen to her but one certain situation that happens to her really threw her over the edge. Hannah had arrived at a party where she walked upstairs and went into a room with Clay. After a couple minutes she ended up kicking Clay out of the room because she felt uncomfortable. After she proceeded to make Clay leave, one of her friends named Jess entered the room with another guy. A few moments later, Jess horrifically was raped by said guy that entered the room with her, and Hannah witnessed the whole thing. This really affected Hannah because she was so traumatized after the situation happened. After seeing this, you can really tell that she was no longer enjoying her life. I feel as though this was one of the best episodes to watch because you can really tell that Hannah changed after this had happened to her.

After watching the entire season, I believe that one of the most important/ informative episodes was the one when Hannah went over Bryce’s house for a party. While the party was going on Hannah got into the hot tub with a couple friends, including Bryce. Everyone ended up leaving the party except for Bryce and Hannah, who stayed behind in the hot tub together. Bryce, the same boy who raped Jess, ended up raping Hannah at this party in the hot tub. After this, Hannah became one of the most lifeless people you could ever see. She did not give a shit about anyone, not even herself, as she thought her life was useless. In one of the last episodes you end up watching Hannah kill herself, and I think that it was a very eye-opening and tense scene to watch. This made me rethink all of the last episodes and wonder when she started feeling this way and when her personality started to change from happy to unhappy. She seriously went from someone who was happy all the time to depressed and lonely so quickly due to the actions that her classmates made towards her.


After the episode where she committed suicide, you can really understand why the show is the way it is. The entire show was centered around Hannah and why she committed suicide. You finally find out why she did what she did was because of 13 of her classmates that kicked her to the curb for no reason. These 13 people were ultimately the villains of the show, except for Clay, who you could say was her hero. Whether or not Clay actually saved her life, he was always there for her in the end. He would have been there for her in a minute if he had known what her feelings were. Clay was one of the most caring characters in the show because he would have done anything for anyone of his friends. The values that clay carries with him is not like any normal boy in any show. He was always patient towards Hannah and cared for her in ways that she did not see.

After this episode a lot of the students who were on the tapes were skeptical to whether Hannah killed herself for the right reasons or not, but who are we to judge the way someone feels when they would go to those extents to end their own lives. The students that felt this way, were mostly the ones who were a part of bullying her to her death. This show seriously makes you rethink the way that you talk to people on a daily basis.


2 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why Hannah Could Be Lying

  1. I read “Thirteen Reasons Why” when I was in middle school and I surely did not get the extent of “treat others the way you want to be treated” until I actually watched the show. I do think this show was good and I do agree Hannah’s switch from happy to depressed was quick. I do think that Hannah tried to stay as positive as she could at the beginning but, everything and everyone was toppling onto her shoulders and she just could not take it. The scene that really struck me was in the last episode when Hannah was speaking with Mr. Porter, the guidance counselor. After Hannah would not give him enough details of the rape (and I thought she was being a bit difficult with him I will not lie) Mr. Porter said to Hannah essentially do something about it or move on. I think when Mr. Porter said that, Hannah was shattered. -Alexa DiFilippo


  2. As someone who watched this show and as a skeptic (sorta) myself, I’m always looking for both sides to a story. I loved this show when I watched it, but I had questions. Could she be lying? Some of the characters really seemed to think so. This is exactly what I was thinking while watching but of course way more in depth. It gives you a lot to think about! Teenagers are known for being dramatic and exaggerating, so it REALLY does make you think! Great job!
    -Matt Morr


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