The Boondocks, a timeline of history and creativity


The Boondocks, a timeline of history and creativity
Erick Browne
To many people if you ask what the boondocks is they may say that they do not know, to others they’ll say possibly one of the funniest yet controversial shows they ever saw. Before the movie “ Get Out ” and tv show “ Key and Peele ” there was “ The Boondocks .” The show was a sitcom made by Aaron McGruder based off of his comic book and it was first aired in late 2005. The show was about two african american brothers that moved from chicago to the suburbs of woodcrest to live with their grandfather. It was a cartoon version of thoughts and humor for black america due to its shows having to do with race,stereotypes,prejudice, interracial relationships,politics,religion and, overall culture differences. The show would display humor on some of the country if not the worlds relevant issues of that time with a small creative spin on things. The show would end in 2014 when it would air the fourth and final season.
The characters of this show were, Riley and Huey Freeman which which played by Regina King. Those two are the brothers that moved to Woodcrest from Chicago. Grandad AkA Robert Freeman was played by John Witherspoon. His character was a cartoon version of Willie, the father of ice cube in the1990’s comedy “ Friday .” Uncle Ruckus was played by Gary Anthony Williams, this character was the black person that hated black people.This character has a part of comedies past with him seeing that the ” chappelle show” did a sketch with a black Klu Klux Klan member.The show would have Ruckus show similarities to the chappelle show character.His character may have been the funniest because he was the contradiction of black people sticking together. He would always put down anything a black person would do and strongly believed in white supremacy because he was born a white baby but says he had the disease re-vitiligo,which is the opposite of what Singer Michael Jackson had.The next group of characters were the Dubois, a interracial family with a black husband named Tom, a white wife name Sarah and a mixed daughter named Jasmine.The final character to talk about Coronel H. Stinkmeaner, The blind black man that was the shows symbol of ignorance in the black community. He was extremely more hateful version of Ruckus. There was even a episodes that used the twos common hate for black people as a cure for a poses black man because it created a bond between the two.

The boondocks would either have an episode of comedy,history or a creative blend of the two. There were episodes about oprah,Martin luther King and the terrorist attacks on september 11.The “Return of the king”which was apart of season one and was about Martin Luther KIng coming out of a coma as opposed to being dead. He would wake up as a old man in the earlier 2000s where he seen how the world was today. He would see black on black crime,ignorance and,people figuratively spitting in the face of all of the work he did for justice and equality. The episode would conclude with him saying he’s going to Canada because he is disgusted by the behavior of black people. This episodes was one of a creative alternate of history with tons of irony. That facts that Dr.King fought for white on black crime to spot and now it’s black on black black crime. His character would say in the episodes that sometimes you need to hear isn’t what you want to hear. It was a episode making the common african american millennial critically think about how their living thier lives and what they condone as people. Black people would act with no class,self respect,ambition,determination or, a vision of something better which is was Dr.king’s characteristics and what made him who he was.

Personally I liked the fact that the creators of this episodes weren’t afraid to mix things up a little because sometimes people would like to see what if history was different. They mixed a little bit of humor in but keep some perspective of history and a message intact. Another episode that came to mid like such was the “ Let’s nap oprah” episode which was also apart of season one. The show would involve Ed, Rummy, Riley and , Huey. Ed and Rummy set up a plan to kidnap oprah for ransom and Riley wanted to go along but Huey did not condone that action. It would result in Huey fighting and getting beat up by oprah’s security guard for relatively no reason and Ed and Rummy trying to kidnap oprah but because they lack common sense and a well organized plan they never found oprah and kidnap comedian Bill Cosby but ended up returning him because they got tired of him talking. There were contradictions throughout the episode. To start, Ed and Rummy wanted to kidnap Oprah for money but Ed is apart of the richest family in Woodcrest. Second, that the two were trying to kidnap a person but the family business is security. Last, Huey got beat up for trying to save oprah which is personal humor to me because things like that happen to people all of the time. It was one of those examples of being a hero gone wrong.
The Boondocks would be to hard to sell to big time network companies for airtime so it went to “ Adult Swim “ which was a late night network for cartoon network. It was a easy place to pick due to the similar showed that aired like “ Aqua Teen Hunger Force ” and “ Harvey Birdman attorney at law. ” The show would end up having some of the most talked about characters in the black community, from uncle ruckus to, Tom Dubois and, Stinkmeaner. The show received award from the NAACP,the peabody award and ,IGN. THe show would also receive great review from the San francisco examiner and The New York Times saying that it is one of the top shows in 2010 when it aired its third season. It was named to the top 25 for adult animated series.The final season would be done without Mcgruder which end the series in 2014.This show would be another way for the messages that black comedians, actors, writers and, producers put their creativity out there for the world to see.


One thought on “The Boondocks, a timeline of history and creativity

  1. I am a huge fan of the Boondocks ever since i read their comic strip in the sunday funnies. The way that the creators brought to life Huey’s philosophical sense of wisdom combined with the racial flip flopping to create their unique sense of comedic style was nothing short of amazing. Due to their heavy use of expletive language, it is expected that no popular, mainstream television networks would pick up the show but i am grateful that Adult Swim is one of those niche outlets for the expressive and creative content that is considered to be outside of the mainstream. Overall a very entertaining read!

    Ian McNeice


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