How Accurate Are Medieval Shows?

By Danielle Breton       As a lover of medieval television shows and movies as well as history, I have watched a good amount of shows set in this time period and wondered how historically accurate they are. Being a lover of history as well, I have been able to recognize some inaccuracies in […]

Staying Power: What Makes A TV Show So Popular?

By Matt Morr   When you hear the word television, some shows may come to mind. Shows like ‘The Office’, ‘Friends’, and ‘The Simpsons’ come to my mind because of how long they were on television. In fact, ‘The Simpsons’ is still on television today. In an age where the majority of television shows are […]

Trending Today on MTV: Reality TV

BY: Dana Pappalardo Despite being one of the most successful television networks there is, I could go with or without ever watching another series on MTV again. Most of the shows that air on MTV fall under the same genre, whether that is a reality show or a couples competing show. MTV is most known […]

High School Football Hysteria

By Patrick McAvoy Recently I was searching through Netflix for a new show and stumbled upon “Friday Night Lights.” I know I’m a little late to the “Friday Night Lights” bandwagon, but I figured I might as well finally give it a shot because I had nothing else going. Today I finished the first season […]

Dancing with The (Relatable) Stars

by: Sarah Seero “Dancing with the Stars” has been a staple on ABC for years now. The premise of the show is simple; Celebrities are paired off with professional ballroom dancers to compete for America’s votes and judge’s scores to win a trophy. Some years, the celebrities are better known then others but this helps […]

Narcos: The Story of Pablo

      Pablo Escobar will forever be known as one of the most deadly, gruesome criminals in history. Throughout the past two decades, there has been countless documentaries that have attempted to tell Escobar’s tale. However, nobody has covered the life of this super criminal, the way Netflix’s original series Narcos has. Narcos is an […]