“FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES”The future of football

Erick Browne
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Friday Night Tykes,the future is our youth

Today the NFL is thriving with plenty of talent from JJ Watt to Von Miller ,Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Landon Collins, Odell Beckham Jr, Dak Prescott. It also has seasoned vet like Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Richard Sherman,Clay Matthews, and, Darrelle Revis tearing up Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons, so even on a Sunday or Monday night from time to time. These are the stars of today, while while some have solidified legacies others are getting started. It could either be signing autographs, or doing a cool dance,making that one one big play that results in a ton of jersey sale all across the country or even global,that making an individual a phenomenon.That bringing a person or People to the face of the National Football League but, these same stars had a beginning to their story somewhere.

They had to start somewhere, either in the swamps of Florida to the dirt field in Texas or the 100 degree days in California to even the cool falls Massachusetts. These players were once kids and for most NFL players they started their dreams playing youth football, from age five to six or seven to ten. “ Friday Night Tykes” is the show that shows youth football over the course of their seasons with multiple teams which started off in Texas following “TYFA” or Texans Youth Football Association. After a few seasons it would make way to the east coast for Friday Night Tykes “Steel Country.” This pull show football in the state of pennsylvania.

This show would have two different perspectives on youth football. The original “Friday Night Tykes” would tackle many aspects regarding parents wanting kids to get more playing time, to recruitment of young children,even family moving kids to different cities so they can play for the best teams. In Texas everybody is looking for an edge to make the best of their opportunities. That also includes coach switching teams in pursuit of Championship rings. This series would challenge the role of coach to parent relationships and how it’s hard to want your child to play while doing a proper job as their parent. coaches would toy with the fine line between coaching football,life and, bad habits to eight,nine and, ten year olds. There would Ben scenes or parents fighting parents,children swearing at children and coaches vice versa.

Youth football has become a controversial topic of the past ten years due to youth injuries. Parents are scared of their kids being injured. Kids don’t always use the proper technique which can result in more injuries,the biggest and quite frankly the scariest one being a concussion. I concussion is an injury that can be caused by a bump,blow or,jolt to the head which makes the brain more back and forth at a fast pace.This would an issue that was addressed by every coach from season one on. Teaching the kids how to properly tackle being the biggest deal by coaching a head up tackle as opposed to running with your head and the crown of your helmet exposed. Kids have been kickout practice because of the dangers of concussions. There were players who were okay will that and some we’re upset? The parents either gave tough love Here is an example teams like the San Antonio Outlaws would gets kicked out the hard way because they weren’t disciplined enough to focus on a head up tackle. The other approach is being gentle and making sure about absolutely nothing is wrong with their players.

The team that typically dominate was the “San Antonio Outlaws.” They would have a dominant stretch no other in the state or even the country could match,; Also there were teams like the Jr Broncos who took multiple season to have a between teams,coaching a playoff game which led to frustrations by the coaches,parents and coaching parents. This all strays from not letting a child play when their teams in having a disappointing season.This comes with the. Philosophy that if we’re all going to lose any why not let everyone on the team participate. There had been fights between coaches,players,teams and sometimes parents because they did like a call or a hit on a defenseless wide receivers. In Texas it was all about competition and trying to be on the best possible team. So they get looked by colleges at a young while chasing a championship ring. I believe it takes away sportsmanship because the facts that kids were taught the swear at other teams which is not appropriate but because of where those kids living and how they were brought up,living in tough neighborhoods like me as opposed to playing a finesse style of football. While a Texas is about competitive nature football the next series is about family and community.
The first Season of “Friday Night Tykes Steel Country” Would shown how family brings every community together. Pennsylvania ou one of the most respected states in America having plenty of NFL talent all over. Western Pennsylvania has produced joe Namath,Jim Kelly, Montana ,Unitas and the most recent potentially future hall of fame cornerback, Darrelle Revis.Revis hometown of Aliquippa which one of the best teams year after year in Pennsylvania.The meanwhile the other team talked about was a team that really has a family type of culture, the type of culture where fathers coach their boys and teach them life lessons because it’s strengthens family bonds and the community.
Overall Friday Night Tykes is a good show because it has action,suspense,failures,triumphs and so much more. It shows how eight,nine,ten,eleven year olds come together for one ultimate goal that they are trying to achieve. Either if in Texas or Pennsylvania the goals were similar which allowed the show to stay connected. This show is usually on the USA channel if you want to watch because I will.

4 thoughts on ““FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES”The future of football

  1. I have never heard of this show but I know this is something that would be interesting to me. I have always loved football and grew up playing the game at a young age as well. “Friday Night Tykes” seems like it is a great show teaching young kids the valuable lessons on how to properly play the game. In my personal opinion though I do not believe it is right for children to start playing the game of football until they start hitting puberty. My parents let me play way to early and I actually resent them for doing that. I was a very little kid growing up and was not one of the bigger kids on the field until middle school. I got beat up a lot on the field which in some ways taught me how to be tough but was not the best thing for my body. I think parents take things too far when their children are young and this is the exact vibe I get from the show. A kid could be a superstar in youth football and not be any good in high school because he might of not kept growing. This is why youth football should be more laid back. Parents are way to into their kids at an early age and should just let their kids be kids.


  2. I can definitely relate to this blog because I have also watched “Friday Night Tykes.” I got into it because my roommates watched the show and we got hooked. I would have to agree that it’s a good show to watch, especially if you’re a big football/sports fan. You do really get that in-depth look at how seriously they can take football in the south. I think it can definitely be a little too much at times but definitely a good show nonetheless. I do agree with what you said about the first season being on how football brings people together, I found the same thing. I watched “Friday Night Lights” and that show told the story of high school football in Texas, but “Friday Night Tykes” shows how it effects real people so that’s why it stands out.

    – Mathew Galvao


  3. The show Friday Night Tykes is very interesting to me because I have a brother who started to play football when he was in the fourth grade. I like the show because I am able to relate because I have seen the way that parents take football as seriously as they do. Also I find this show interesting because of the fact that It goes in depth and shows how football is played and coached at the youth level and that is one thing that not everyone gets to see.
    -Jack Lund


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