The Legacy of The Office

  By Patrick McAvoy If someone would have told me a year ago that one of the best TV shows of all time was about a paper company I would’ve called them crazy, but here we are. About a month ago, I watched the final episode of “The Office” and now I’m finally ready to […]

“Reality” TV

By Matt Morr Reality television shows are some of the most popular television shows because of how dramatic and entertaining they are.  Shows like “The Bachelor” and “The Jersey Shore” garnered many viewers because of those characteristics.  They’re so dramatic and entertaining that they almost seem scripted… but are they?  The simplest definition of a […]

Netflix: A Dependable Streaming Site

By: Michael Sabatino It is like I know that I should stop and go to bed, but my mind keeps telling me to “hit play”.  Next thing I know, I am halfway through a 24-episode season in one night and it is now four in the morning.  Binge-watching shows is the new societal norm, and […]