HIMYM: Plot Twists

By Alexandra Noble


Have you ever been so sucked into a show that you can’t stop watching it? How about even when it drags on and seems like it’s taking forever to find out the highly anticipated ending? Or when in each episode there is a different plot twist that lends to more curiosity? “How I Met Your Mother” is one of those TV shows that twists and turns you. With nine seasons, this show always has me on the edge of my seat. The show follows the story of five friends, Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney, as they relive flashbacks from their twenties and thirties. Ted narrates each episode to his son and daughter, all while leading up to how ‘he’ met ‘their’ mother. Throughout each flashback, you meet many different characters, some being very prevalent to the show while others only having importance for one to two episodes. Regardless, each character you meet adds to the story somehow and give the viewers more pieces to the puzzle of who the mother actually is.

You meet so many characters throughout the show that by the time Ted starts dating Victoria in season eight, you forgot all about their serious relationship back in season one. I can’t even count how many times Ted says to his kids, “And that kids… is NOT how I met your mother.” In nearly each episode, it seems as though Ted has a new woman he introduces. In all nine seasons, each one of them you think is finally the one; yet sadly that is not the case. All of the hope that you built up for Ted and Zoey or Ted and Stella is once again shot down by an unexpected, mind blowing plot twists. Each time this happens, you are left wondering and thinking who it could possibly be, since your mind was already so set on someone else. The number of curveballs that “How I Met Your Mother” throws at it’s viewers is more than I thought was possible in a TV show.

For myself, I have yet to finish the show and am eager and anxious to find out who the big revealing character is. When watching the show, I have a sense of mystery inside of me that I don’t think will go away until the final reveal. I often wonder if this mystery is a bad quality to the show in some people’s eyes. I believe the mystery adds a sense of want and curiosity but for some it could add a sense of irritation and annoyance. A nine season show is a big commitment, especially in regards to “How I Met Your Mother.” Having a “character missing” from the show, on top of plot twists happening left and right, this show sure knows how to keep its viewers on their toes.

How many plots twists constitutes as too many? Sure, they seem necessary to any good show because without them, the show can lose some of its spark and excitement. But is there a point when it becomes too much and too frustrating? In “How I Met Your Mother,” there are nothing but plot twists. For myself personally, I find them interesting and cannot imagine the show being done any other way. It becomes almost impossible to stop watching this show because you want to find out what the next curve ball will be. One of the biggest plot twists that catches my attention as extremely monumental is the love story between Robin and Barney. This messy and intricate story unfolds at different paces throughout the show. However, it has it’s true turning point in Season 8, Episode 12, “The Final Page: Part2.”

Backing up to the beginning of the show, Robin and Barney started off as just friends, as Robin was dating Ted at the time. After Robin and Ted separated, and as Robin and Barney’s friendship started to grow, Barney proposed the idea of hooking up to Robin and she, disgustedly, shut that down. A while after that awkward encounter, Barney presented to Robin the ways in which he thought they would make a great couple, based on all of their similarities. She eventually saw eye to eye with him but unfortunately, Robin still had feelings for Ted even though they had broken up quite some time ago. For many episodes and seasons after those happenings, the subtle hints that Barney had strong feelings for Robin continued to happen. At one point, Barney confessed to Lily that he is in love with Robin. Throughout the entire show, Robin and Barney are on and off dating then back to friends then back to dating and so forth. They had encounters where they would be talking and all of a sudden have a long, passionate kiss. Yet the next day, they would try and pretend like it had never happened. Throughout these happenings, they both have had serious relationships with other people. Barney in fact proposed to his girlfriend Quinn at the time whom everyone thought would be Barney’s wife for the rest of his life. Another plot twist was thrown at us when the two of them break up and Robin snuck back into the dating picture for Barney!

Weird happenings kept occurring between the two, but the biggest plot twist of all comes in the previously mentioned episode, “The Final Page: Part2.” Barney tricked Robin into showing her true colors about how much she loves Barney. He did so in this way: he staged a fake relationship with Patrice, Robin’s coworker whom she could not stand. He had Robin, Ted, Marshall, Lily, and the audience fooled that he was going to propose to Patrice because he had finally found the woman who makes him feel whole. In reality, he had gone to Patrice asking her to help him make Robin jealous so that she would realize her true feelings for Barney. Barney knew every move Robin would make when it came to the situation and staged it perfectly so that Barney and Patrice’s relationship would drive her crazy. Barney eventually told Ted that he was planning on proposing to Patrice, knowing all well that he would crack and tell Robin. When Ted tells Robin, like Barney knew he would, she does just what Barney knew she would: she goes to the spot he had told Ted he would be proposing to Patrice. Come to Robin’s surprise, when she arrived at the rooftop of the WWE building,  there was no Patrice. All that there was were rose petals, a mistletoe, and a note for Robin from Barney’s ‘playbook’. It had written out all the steps Barney had gone through to land Robin up on that rooftop. On the back of the note read step number 16, “Hope she says yes!,” and she turned around to find Barney down on one knee with a ring in his hand.

As an audience member and very avid fan of “How I Met Your Mother,” this was the biggest plot twist that I have experienced since starting the show. My jaw dropped when I watched this episode! I believe that plot twists are only as good as the writer makes them, and the authors of “How I Met Your Mother” must be some sort of geniuses. Almost every single plot twist that they have thrown at us came right out of left field in my eyes. They have added life and excitement to the show, as well as a sense of want for more. As for the plot twists of finding out who the mother is, those keep you on your feet. Every episode has its importance and each plot twists somehow all makes sense in the end. I believe that the plot twists in “How I Met Your Mother” make the show the amazing product that it is.


One thought on “HIMYM: Plot Twists

  1. I love the way you presented this blog on the show How I Met Your Mother. I think acknowledging the plot twists and turns is one of the most important parts of the show. One of my favorite parts about HIMYM is the way they present the show. Yes, it has it’s love stories and plot twists, but still manages to keep that sitcom type of feel to it. Adding comedy to a show like that is very difficult in this day in age, and I think that HIMYM portrays that perfectly. It’s what makes the show a step up from other sitcoms because it isn’t like many other ones. Other sitcoms will not have the plot you are waiting on the edge of your seat to find out about, and that is how HIMYM gets audiences hooked.

    -Joel DiMambrp


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