HIMYM: Plot Twists

By Alexandra Noble Have you ever been so sucked into a show that you can’t stop watching it? How about even when it drags on and seems like it’s taking forever to find out the highly anticipated ending? Or when in each episode there is a different plot twist that lends to more curiosity? “How […]

Seinfeld Episode

Jack Lund In my first blog I talked about the production of “Seinfeld”, specifically two episodes:“The Old Man” and “The Marine Biologist.”   In this blog I am going to talk in greater depth about additional episodes.  The first episode that I am going to discuss is the production of the episode called “The Soup Nazi.“The […]

This Article is “All That”

By Cam Surette In September of 2015, Viacom’s Nickelodeon launched “The Splat,” a several hour programming block that airs on Teen Nick. This block features shows from Nickelodeon’s early days in the ‘90s, including “Rugrats” (1990-2006), “Doug” (1991-1994), “All That” (1994-2005), and others. It is remarkably nostalgic to tune in to “The Splat” from time […]