Is sports a mirrors of life?

Erick Browne
ESPN is the number one sports channel at this moment in time, according to a 2015 “Outkick The Coverage,”ESPN beats all of their competitors(ESPN2, Fox Sports and NFL Network) by at least five billion more dollars of revenue, and they have 20 million more views than the next closest network. People sit and watch “Sportscenter” and “Monday Night Football,” and “First Take.” If you need a little something to get you through the mornings viewers also watch “Mike and Mike.” So the question is: Is sports televising a reflection of the real world? The answer is yes yes yes. Stories and sayings from sports alway is fungi. Use for life lessons. Saying like “it’s not over till the fat ladies sings” or “give it all you got” “ it’s not about me it’s about the team”. To start with some examples.

People watch because they idolize the people they see everyday, from athletes like an Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Steph Curry or Lebron James, toominant women, such as Serena Williams, Candace Parker, and Ronda Rousey. For me, it also means television personalities, such as Stephen A. Smith,Skip Bayless,Chris Berman, or the late Stuart Scott. They’re the reason why I chose communication for college. They give a great show on a consistent basic week in and week out. They give spirit and facts just like having style and substance. It’s great television because it’s parody every single day meaning you never know what you’re going to get. Some people might not like it for the fact that it’s 80 percent sports, but that’s not true because they talk about more than just statistics and game scores. There are conversations about music, politics and, life because they’re people, too. It feels like you can always relate because ESPN is a universal language; sports has no barrier. From ages zero to a hundred, it doesn’t matter.

I was watching the best debate show on ESPN, “First Take,” on hosted by Stephen A. Smith, Molly Qerim, and Max Kellerman January 3. That show discussed topical sports topics,the Cleveland Cavaliers,Dallas Cowboys ,General NBA And NFL Playoffs. They talked about about the cowboys and how Stephen A Smith hates the cowboys because of their fans and fan base calling them obnoxious predicting that they would eventually lose their home playoff game to either the New York Football Giants or Green Bay Packers. That is so from his personal hatred for the team because a girl broke his heart as a teen and her favorite team is the cowboys. As it turned out he was right: they did lose to the Packers of Green Bay in a thriller 31-34.

This story relates to the real world for the fact that everyone usually has that one thing that reminds them of a past that hurt them in some type of symbol just like if a couple broke up a teddy bear symbolize a two year relationship, it would obviously bring back memories. It also implies that they can get of topic at times but most importantly shows that they’re human and are not always reading off a script. Or at the end of the show when in their final take segment,Molly wanted to recognize Oklahoma City Thunder Point guard Russell Westbrook for his play, he leads his team in almost every statistical category and is the only active player averaging a triple double this season. Molly cared a little more specifically in terms of how he plays. Having an old school approach to his game not leaving his team and city behind like former teammate Kevin Durant to go to a conference rival. For not taking the easy way out and fighting it out against any team or not talking bad about anybody to the media. Playing his hardest on both ends of the floor night in and night out. Not asking for handouts, but for enough from his teammates

The show even talked about bigger topics that relates to the viewers in this country. Under Ammon CEO’s praise President Donald Trump saying that “He is an asset to this country”. This was a big flag for Under Armor partner and NBA superstar of the Golden State Warriors Point Guard Steph Curry. Being a representatives of the brand he doesn’t agree saying that “yes if you take the eat away” calling him an ass. This is a big issue because that would mean that Under Armor stands for Trumps values in inequality and that doesn’t fly with him let alone most people of color or people with a diverse background. Steph is willing to take himself of as a sponsor for the brand they do indeed believe in his principles because of the facts that inequality isn’t accepted by him,his friend and family, and “most” of America. I believe that makes for good television. You would like to as a person want to know how these people feel about topics

The show also has special guest from all over, actual athletes, comedians, musicians, actors,and actresses, you name they got it. Guys like Kevin Hart,Ice Cube,Wale,Floyd mayweather, Jerry Rice ,Jemele Hill,Sarah Walsh,Danica Patrick, and so much more being a show that’s been on the air for over 10 years. This meaning that there is more than one opinion or in the shows case three opinions.

As a fan of more than sports it’s a little enlightening to see your favorite athlete or favorite comedian on air talking about issues that you talk about, that your friends talk about, your families and colleagues as well. I just think that it’s natural to want to debate on topics because people don’t agree on everything. This show allows us to hear these disagreements from experts and multiple opinions.
This could be a lesson to us all that sports television is the symbol used to get everybody’s attention. You can’t get a bigger fan base around the world than in sports because it has no languages. And as a part of a TV criticism class , the show could be a great example because it’s an hour a critiquing real world issues through a common bond for something as simple as a game,a meet or,a match. Their opinions matter to not just viewers at home, but to celebrities and athletes the same way I care about the opinions of some others in my life and others in yours. Maybe it’s just a world full of opinions at the end of the day…
Watch out for some typos (I would do another round of copy editing), but overall well done.

One thought on “Is sports a mirrors of life?

  1. I thought that this blog is very interesting as a sports fan and as a person who does not like ESPN. I like how you used statistics in the beginning to back up your argument when you stated “that ESPN is the number one sports channel and they have 20 million more views than the next closet network including Fox Sports and NFL Network”. Also, I like how you used examples from different shows on ESPN including First Take when you said that the show was talking about the CEO of Under Armor calling Donald Trump “an asset to this country” and the show gives people different opinions.

    -Tyler Mauriello


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