Villains of “The Bachelor”

By: Sarah Seero The Bachelor Franchise is one people either love, hate or love to hate. And along with those opinions of the show, the narrative structure of the show creates characters that people either love, hate or love to hate along with the show itself. While there are multiple shows like “The Bachelor”, “The […]

Is Reality Tv Really Reality?

    Bravo TV is a channel in which most Americans who watch television in this day and age are familiar with. Its most popularly broadcasted shows include “The Real Housewives”, “Top Chef”, and “Vanderpump Rules”. All of these shows have one common theme: drama. In The Real Housewives,there is a cast for different cities such […]

Seinfeld Production

  By: Jack Lund Today I am going to discuss what’s on the mind of the American public. The question that I am going to discuss is how people in television produce the programs that we the people watch on television. The show that I am going to talk about mainly is the show about […]

Is sports a mirrors of life?

Erick Browne ESPN is the number one sports channel at this moment in time, according to a 2015 “Outkick The Coverage,”ESPN beats all of their competitors(ESPN2, Fox Sports and NFL Network) by at least five billion more dollars of revenue, and they have 20 million more views than the next closest network. People sit and […]