A Look at the Grey’s Anatomy Controversies throughout the years

Meaghan Hudson-On March 27th, 2005 in a twist of unseemingly fate Shonda Rhimes and ABC dropped what would become one of television’s most powerful and longest running hospital-drama shows to air. Between fatal car crashes, gripping intense hospital surgeries, bomb threats, suspenseful hospital shootings, and tumultuous plane crashes, the show continually never fails to bring […]

The Brilliance of Michael Schur

Mackenzie Hine What do The Office, Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn-99, and The Good Place all have in common? All were co-created or developed by a man named Michael Schur. These shows have defined over a decade of comedy and the thread linking them all is their brilliant creator. These four shows are known for their […]

One too many reasons to love Tree Hill

Nicole Fasciano Let me take you to a place where brothers bicker, best friends clash, families collide, and all the while love is an overarching hope and desire of all those considered. One Tree Hill, is one of the most heart felt, and beloved shows of all time, through the eyes of any average high […]

Barry and the Difficulty of Changing Who You Are

  By Melissa Viger Barry is a drama and dark comedy about a former Marine turned hitman who discovers a passion for acting. This, in itself, sets Barry apart from most other half-hour shows that are airing right now, but what makes Barry particularly interesting is that it asks a question that most of us […]

How Downton Abbey is Historically Accurate

  Historical accuracy is something that can be tricky to address in terms of period drama. A better way to think about Downton Abbey is how “credible” it is. The pilot episode takes place in 1912, just after the sinking of the Titanic, which carried the heir apparent to Downton’s estate. The Crawley family, owns […]

The Wahlberg Effect

Imagine seeing yourself on different forms of new media. Growing up aspiring to be like all of your favorite TV or movie actors, who could bring a crowd to their feet and also make them fall to their knees crying. One family definitely did not expect that to happen, and to this day, their small […]

Friday Night Lights following stereotypes

  Geena Levine The television show Friday Night Light, which aired on NBC, tells the story of a high school football team in Dillon Texas. The town of Dillon has a culture centered around the Dillon Panthers football team as football is essentially religion to the townspeople (and the entire state of Texas). The show […]

The New “King Slayer”

Chantalle Dumont With unanswered questions in Game of Thrones, fans are left to create their own answers. A major part of the Game of Thrones fandom is the uncertainty. Fans will pose theories and ideas explaining why certain things in the show occur and it keeps the mystery and excitement alive throughout the series. When […]